About Us

We are paving the way towards affordable, eco-friendly solutions for a more sustainable Philippines.

💡 Our Vision

Our vision is to empower Filipinos to live sustainably by providing easy-to-use and accessible eco-friendly products. We aim to create awareness, influence purchasing decisions, and offer sustainable alternatives, reducing harm to the environment. Our goal is to eliminate the reliance on single-use plastics and sachets, fostering a greenway revolution at home.

🎯 Our Mission

We are on a Mission to lead the transformation of sustainable living in the Philippines by offering innovative and affordable eco-friendly products and solutions that inspire positive change, preserving our planet for future generations.


At SustainavibesPH, our core values revolve around Innovation, Inclusivity, Sustainability, Empowerment, and Excellence, all of which guide our commitment to creating a more sustainable Philippines through innovative eco-friendly products and solutions.

Core Brand Principles


We put the needs of our customers and the environment first, understanding the importance of sustainable choices in every decision, ensuring the well-being of both our customers and our beloved environment.


We aspire to inspire Filipino consumers to make conscious product choices that have a positive impact on our environment, nurturing a culture of eco-consciousness close to home.


We firmly believe that every small step towards sustainability matters, embracing every Filipino as an integral part of the journey towards positive change.

Easy to Use/Understand

We offer alternative products that are user-friendly and easily comprehensible for all Filipinos, making sustainable living accessible to everyone.


Our unwavering commitment is to provide sustainable products that endure, reduce waste, and contribute to the long-term well-being of our cherished planet, with a special focus on the Philippines

Meet Our Team

Cess Barron
Meet Cess, a goofy gymrat, who lifts heavy weight with ease. Living in the present full of shortcuts in achieving ones goal, she wanted to make an impact to educate her fellow Filipinos on how to live sustainably that promotes greater health benefits for oneself and the environment. Here in SustainavibesPh, our aim is to encourage others to take a small step building a more sustainable and attainable way of living.
Andie de Vera
Meet Andie, the numbers girl and a K-pop enthusiast. During the pandemic, she saw an infographic of plastic waste that solely comes from plastic bottles and single-use sachets and became aware of the plastic waste she was contributing. Since then, she has switched to using shampoo and body bars and pledged to be an advocate of sustainable living, step by step. An opportunity came and driven by the same vision, she became one with the team of SustainavibesPH in the hopes of a greener and more sustainable future.
Mara Valmera
Meet Mara. An avid traveler and a passionate freediver, and her love for these experiences is driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. Through her journeys and underwater adventures, she have witnessed firsthand the beauty and vulnerability of our planet's ecosystems. This has inspired her to advocate tirelessly for sustainability because she firmly believe that by preserving and protecting our environment, we can ensure a vibrant and sustainable world for all of us to enjoy.
Det Callanta
Meet Det, a gamer who loves cats. She recently embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Intrigued by the concept of plant-based food & products, she couldn't help but question the limited availability of eco-friendly options in the Philippines. That's when the business came to life. We recognized the need for accessible sustainability and curated a range of products to address this gap.
Jenn Danganan
Meet Jenn, the compassionate leader behind SustainavibesPH, a social enterprise. With a decade in HR for corporations, she had an epiphany, connecting environmental and social issues. Witnessing the impact of environmental degradation on vulnerable communities fueled her sense of duty. Now, she leads SustainavibesPH, committed to combating environmental injustices and fostering positive social change, affirming that business can be a force for good in a sustainable future.

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